Financial Planning

For one-time planning needs such as determining your retirement readiness, investing for a child's education, or optimizing your employer-sponsored retirement account, we offer our services at any hourly rate. Whether you are in the early stages or the late stages of accumulating wealth, we can put together a plan of action to help guide you on on the way to achieving your goals. 


Our financial planning services are organized into the following packages:

The retirement readiness package (2-5 hours): 

For pre-retirees who are would like to know if they are on track to retire in the next 10-15 years. Includes the following-

  • Consolidated account allocation analysis

  • Projection of potential income available from investments

  • Recommended savings plan to meet retirement goals


The 401k Tune-up (1 Hour): 

For savers investing in an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan, such as a 401k, who need advice on properly setting up and maintaining their accounts. This is one of our specialties. Includes-  

  • A goals and risk assessment

  • Portfolio Fee Analysis

  • Our investment recommendations for your account

The send my kids to college package (2-3 hours):

For parents who need advice on setting up an education fund for their children. Includes the following-

  • A savings and investing plan

  • Advice on selecting an optimal investment program

An educational primer on saving and investing (1 Hour): 
For new investors who need a little advice on where to start. This offering is especially beneficial for recent graduates and early career professionals. Includes-

  • Learning tools for personal financial management and saving

  • A beginners guide to the stock market

  • Our recommendations on how to set up a basic starting portfolio 



Financial Planning Fee's: $150/hr