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Financial Planning

From a comprehensive financial plan to a one-time planning need such as- determining your retirement readiness, investing for a child's education, or optimizing your employer-sponsored retirement account- we offer our services at any hourly rate. Whether you are in the early stages or the late stages of accumulating wealth, we can put together a plan of action to help guide you on on the way to achieving your goals. 

Our financial planning services include the following:

Personal financial planning: goal identification, behavioral analysis, risk tolerance assessment, cash flow analysis, net worth calculations, savings rate recommendations, accounts inventory, debt management techniques, employee benefits review, and real estate/mortgages review.

Insurance planning and risk management: life, long-term care, and disability insurance needs analysis, current policy analysis, alternative options identification, and analyzing related investment components.

Education planning: educational cost forecasting, required savings rates, optimal asset allocation,
and alternative funding considerations.


Investment planning: asset allocation, optimizing asset locations, security analysis, strategies for concentrated positions, optimizing tax efficiency, risk-profiling, identifying goals and investment time horizons.

Retirement planning: tax efficiency of investments, safe withdrawal rates, health and long-term care planning, social security timing and optimization, budget analysis, retirement income alternatives, and income stress testing.

Estate planning: document coordination and updating, beneficiary designations, wealth distribution options, and recommendations to estate planning professionals.



Financial Planning Fee's: $200/hr.


(In some circumstances we will negotiate a fixed panning fee, depending on the scope and complexity of the planning services.)

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