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Investment Advice

While the core components of our portfolio's are generally aligned with commonly accepted investing frameworks such as Modern Portfolio Theory and the Black-Litterman Model, we believe there are realities of the modern global economy that are in conflict with some of the long standing approaches to portfolio management.


So we do things a little bit differently. 

We use a core + satellite approach in which we start with basic, inexpensive indexed-ETF's and then apply various analytical techniques with the goal of improving either the performance or risk characteristics of our portfolios. The following types of analysis influence our allocations-

  • Sector (ex. Tech, Financial, Consumer Cyclical)

  • Factor (ex. Value, Momentum, Quality)

  • Macroeconomic (ex. Inflation rates, Federal interest rates)

  • Security (ex. P/E and P/B ratios, Profitability, LT Debt, Legislative issues) 

  • Volatility (ex. Implied volatility metrics, VIX movement, Futures markets)

  • Technical (ex. Long and short term price movement, Moving averages)

While we do not change the core composition of our portfolios frequently, we will apply tactical management techniques in circumstances we feel we are able to add value to our clients.   

One thing that makes our firm stand out is that rather than depend on expensive mutual funds, insurance contracts,
robo-advisors, or third-party asset managers, we employ original and rigorous analysis with the aim of seeking better
risk-adjusted returns than a comparable portfolio of broad-market securities.


Investment management is what we do here.













Something that makes our firm unique is our specialty portfolios, which include aggressive stock models, technology-influenced ETF models, and a green energy services model dedicated to ESG principles and bettering the natural environment.

We believe the combination of diligent savings and investing habits, with investment advice given in your best interest, is a recipe for success on the road to financial freedom. We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your journey.




Investment Advice Fee's: 
.75% for $0 to $250,000 
.65% for $250,001 to $500,00 
.50% for $501,000 and up

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